The controversial documentary A WORM in the APPLE tells of the destruction of Tasmania's cool climate rain forests and the annihilation of her wildlife in the pursuit of greed. It also tells of the enormous corruption between a government agency and a giant timber company. Most of all it speaks volumes about the massive public movement to overcome the huge obstacles and overpower the giant. A Jack in the Beanstalk story in real life.

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This is the book that fills in the parts the film was unable to do, due to constraints in airtime. It gives an account of what was involved in making the film, the risks, the lack of funding due to political objections and the efforts of the people to help the project through. A good companion to the film.

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Dhul Fiquari is a mild mannered West Australia scientist. He is also a pacifist and an idealist and wants to save the starving third world with his new, genetically engineered rice. It has more protein and all the essential amino acids to allow humans to digest and use the protein. Born of Iraqi parents, Dhul - Duzza to his mates - has no interest in the politics of war nor in corporate greed. He wants only peace. What turns him into a home-grown terrorist? The backdrop is an intriguing series of meetings between two Muslims, a Roma Catholic Priest and a non audodox Jew, all friends and al busy behind the scenes, creating... Well that's for you to find out. Click the book for a prewiew and to purchase in paperback.

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Taken from journal articles, reports and interviews with scientists and other informed people, CLIMATE CHANGE GENERATION is the what, the where, the when and the why of climate change. It also gives a timetable of events in the catastrophic changes about to be unleashed on the human race. These are the facts the governments and large corporations do not want you to know and things are about to get a whole lot worse for all life on Earth.

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Genre` BRITISH COMEDY - Format MP3 Audio file - Duration 18minutes

David Attenborough enlists the help of Michael Cane, who in turn calls on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery and others, to mercilessly track down this killer of humour on TV. The Goons are already signed up and many other well known voices appear in this big cast. 

All voices are impressions only and the vocal artists are DAVID LEIGH, BARRY HARGREAVES and PATRICIA OATES. Written and produced by DAVID LEIGH

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This is a love story where endurance is an understatement. Dre falls for Fionna in a big way. They are married and buy a little cottage in Mandurah, Western Australia. They decide to plant a Lilly Pilli tree, for shade in years to come. Sadly, those years are taken up by events and their lives take different paths, or do they?

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MARGARET episode one

Following the sudden death of his wife, Yan decides not to live in the house any more. He sells up and heads to the east coast by car. On the way he picks up a hitchiker. She is a pretty girl and a has a fun personality and Yan is taken by her freshness and vibrancy. They decide to travel together, just to see where it leads. It would appear grief and suffering is Yan's lot in life but just how much is enough? 

This is a two-part story, written that way for radio and all is revealed in episiode two.

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MARGARET Episode Two

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Winston has lived in Birmingham, England since he was 16. He tries to rescue a young boy and finds himself buried in a drain. This brings back fearful childhood memouries in Jamaica. Will he get out and get even with the thugs who put him there?

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Tahidra is a long way from the islands she calls home. Living and working in Perth, Western Australia, she is in love with Tod. Another girl is also in love with him and lies to Tahidra to cast doubt on their relationship. Superstition and magic, island style, causes her to seek the truth and an announcement at a social gathering causes a chain of unbelievable events that changes all their lives forever.

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A chance meeting, at a conference, caused Jennifer to cheat on Rory and spend the summer in a glorious and passionate affair. Many years later, she sits alone in two rooms, gazing from the window. The object of her attention, her reason for living there is, to see her former lover, Brad, as he passes her window on his way to work. He fear of meeting him again is tested when ho knocks on her door.

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Mary cleans the church and the vestry for Father O'Brien, a job she has had for many years. She always feels cold when entering the study. One night she tries to open a window, which is stuck fast. She gives up and starts to leave, when she hears a woman's voice crying for help. She shrugs it off and goes home. Later that night, she returns to the vestry and enters the study. The voice is there again and filled with fear, she investigates to find where it is coming from.

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An old Digger is bedridden and spends his time looking, from his window, into the gardens of a nursing home. It is Anzac Day and he wishes he could spend it one last time with his mates. He gets a surprise when a mate turns up at the window, with news. 

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